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Happy Anniversary, Mustard Seeds and Mountains!

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Twenty-three years ago today, February 13, 1992, Mustard Seeds and Mountains, Inc., became a Christian Community Development, non-profit organization duly incorporated in the State of West Virginia. This event took our family, by faith, across the country from southern California, via Georgia for three fruitful years, to West Virginia. What adventures! What stories we could tell, both of our work with people and the faithfulness of God. Today the ministry to the people of West Virginia continues under the care of the West Virginia Director and staff. More stories in the making!

Two and a half years ago God very clearly led Randy and me back across the country to settle in central California, extending the ministry of Mustard Seeds and Mountains, entering into new geographical areas and ventures of faith. It is exciting to us to be able to use our spiritual gifts as never before.

This summer we will be celebrating a Reunion of as many former staff of Mustard Seeds as we can contact. A Facebook page, Mustard Seeds and Mountains Reunion, has been set up to invite former staff, and other invitations will be sent out but we don’t have contact information for everyone. If you know of someone who was a summer college intern with Mustard Seeds, please tell them to check out that Facebook page or otherwise contact us (you can leave me a comment).

We rejoice in the opportunity to have served and to keep on serving the God above all God’s and our King, Jesus! Thanks to those of you who have ventured in faith with us. God’s blessing be on you.


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