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How Does A Christian Get To Know God Better?

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What are you doing to get to know God better? This blogger, Becky, says it so well, I wanted to share her post with you. Tell me what you think.

A Christian Worldview of Fiction

prayer-159064-mInteresting question, I think. One posed by the seminary professor who preached at my church Sunday (I can’t give you his name, unfortunately because apparently my church likes to keep these things secret. We don’t hand out bulletins any more, or even “weeklies.” And the web site still has the sermon from a week ago as the one that is “most recent.” But truly, we did have a service this last week). His answer was that we experience God’s presence.

OK, that makes sense. How do I get to know my neighbors? Not by remaining aloof. I need to experience their presence.

But God is not the same as my neighbor, Dr. Anonymous reminded us. True, He is immanent—near, involved in what He has made. But He is also transcendent—beyond and above and outside of creation. He is our Father, but He is also God who told Moses to take…

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