Brokenness to Beauty

Transforming Your Brokenness into a Beautiful Life

“Have you heard? Pass the word!”


The Accidental Author

When I first started blogging on my first blog,, I had just begun breast cancer treatment. I posted about my ups and downs week after week, simply sharing my feelings and experiences, fears, insights from the Word, and how I got through the difficult times. I didn’t know any blogging etiquette, I just wrote what came to me, from my heart.

It was from that blog that the book, Brokenness to Beauty: Transforming Your Brokenness into a Beautiful Life, was born. I never dreamed of writing a book, but I kept hearing from friends and readers of my blog that what I wrote was encouraging and that I should write for a broader audience. They began asking me when I was going to write a book, that I should tell my story.

After a few years of hearing these comments from near and far, family and friends, like a slow sunrise it began to dawn on me that maybe God was trying to tell me something through all these people.

He does that, you know. God uses others to speak into our lives. I already knew that, I believed that, but I still had the “Who, me write a book?” mindset.

Yes, me write a book. I became slowly convinced it was God trying to get through to me to write to encourage others in their life journey. So, okay, I got serious about writing a book that dealt with going through trials and still live in joy, with peace and purpose.

I had a lot to learn about writing in general, and about writing and publishing a book, specifically.

You know those graphs that show a steep upward curve? Well, I’ve been on that learning curve for some time and it never ceases to continue upward, to infinity! First it was learning about writing a book, then about publishing it, and now the learning curve is about marketing that book.

What good is writing a book if no one knows it is there to read? The point of writing a book is so others can read and benefit from it.

So the word has to get out, and get passed on from person to person.

Join the Tribe!

So the reality is, if you are one of those friends or family members who encouraged me to write a book, or if you were encouraged by something I wrote on my blog since I began it in 2008, or if you ever told a friend about one of my blog posts, or told them to follow my blog … take one step forward!

You have been duly recruited to my Tribe to promote Brokenness to Beauty among your friends and family and spheres of influence!

If you have already bought a book, thank you! Please write a review on Amazon and other sites! And tell your friends about the book.

If you haven’t already bought a copy, you can buy Brokenness to Beauty online, by clicking on the store name, to order on AmazonBarnes & Noble or from the publisher, WestBow Press. The Kindle, Nook and e-book, as they are respectively known, are available at these distributors. Reviews may be left at all these sites. Please do leave a review!

Pass the word!

Buy the book, read it, be sure to leave a (honest) review on Amazon and other book review sites, and tell a friend!

That is one of the most important things you, Tribe member, can do: tell a friend–or many friends–about Brokenness to Beauty. It has been said that the best form of advertising (aka marketing) is “word of mouth.” From one friend to another. They are waiting to hear!

By JPPI on Morguefile

By JPPI on Morguefile

Consider buying several copies to share with friends, give as gifts, promote at your church, small group or Bible study group. 

If Brokenness to Beauty was worth the effort to write, it is worth promoting so others can find out about it, read it and gain encouragement from what God has taught me about going through the hard times in life and coming out better for it.

Have you joined my Tribe? Thanks to those who already have! If you are joining up now, leave me a comment to let me know!



4 thoughts on ““Have you heard? Pass the word!”

  1. What you’re doing is so cool! it’s nice that there is still a sense of community forming out there!

    • Thanks, Sarah. Glad you stopped by. Consider reading my book and following my blog, and become a part of my community! Study hard (I checked out your blog;) and seek the truth always.

  2. want to order a signed copy of your book.  how much is it.  will send you a check.  thanks…love you all

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