Brokenness to Beauty

Transforming Your Brokenness into a Beautiful Life

How tears prevail when words fail

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Let us learn to think of tears as liquid prayers.” Charles Spurgeon

During my cancer treatment, many times—daily—I cried out to God. Pain especially makes me vulnerable to tears. Fear has a similar effect. My default response is to pray, talking and often crying with tears to God. To this day, I work hard at holding it together emotionally in public, but in private, just me and God, I hold back nothing from him. I know I can unload my fears, my uncertainties, my anxieties, my tears on him, and he will understand. He can take it. We are always accepted by him, never rejected. We can be vulnerable and open with the Lord, for no one who comes to him in that way is ever rejected. …There is only One who can bear, and has borne, our sorrows, our pains: Jesus. (Taken from Brokenness to Beauty, Chapter 13, Prayer as Our Lifeline.)

In chapter 13 of my book I give you a peek at some of my areas of weakness: pain, fear and anxieties, the unknown. I never said I was strong, but I do know the One who is and I have learned to go to him, where I can unreservedly dump all my cares on him. As fellow blogger, Susanne Maynes, says in her recent blog post titled “Why your faith doesn’t always need to feel victorious,” sometimes we simply need to climb into Abba’s lap and let the tears flow. I think I should be an expert at that!

Picture by Helen Hooker

Picture by Helen Hooker

Take a moment, click on the link and read what Susanne has to say about crying in the Lord’s lap. You may find it to be just what you need. I know I did.


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