Brokenness to Beauty

Transforming Your Brokenness into a Beautiful Life

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Roy Fisher will always be Pastor Roy to me. He was there for us when Randy and I went through a very difficult time in our lives.

We had one baby and I was expecting our second child. At home alone with my infant son I began having pains at five months into my pregnancy. I picked up my little boy and trudged over to the neighbor’s house to use their phone since we had none. I called Randy at the church where he was interim youth pastor, the same church in Florida where he had been born again a few years earlier.

Pastor Roy drove Randy to our house, picked me up and took us to the local hospital where he sat and waited with Randy. It was a difficult four hours for us. I had a miscarriage. Pastor Roy was there to simply be with Randy, comfort us, pray with us and see that our needs were met.

Pastor Roy, who is still active in ministry in his “retirement” years (he and his wife recently returned from a six month stint as interim pastor in his home country of England), graciously read and wrote a review of my book, Brokenness to Beauty. He then shared my book with a friend of his. His friend is reading Brokenness to Beauty and wrote an email to him, which he shared with me:

Dear Pastor Roy: What a wonderful gift this book is. I already have many areas of my life experiences with suffering and illness that I can relate to the author. Not only that, she reveals a heart that seeks after God and finds answers in His Word. I don’t think I’ve done this nearly enough–I’ve sought oftentimes answers from people or even my doctors, but truly, my answer must come from Him alone. She described the Lord as her rock in one chapter. I love that. I need to make sure I’m making Him my rock and fortress. Feeling so grateful for her testimony so far–I’m in Chapter 4. Will check in again with you soon.

My Rock Jesus

This is just one of many such comments I am hearing from those who have read my book. I thank God when I hear positive reports that Brokenness to Beauty is helping and encouraging others! The reason for writing this book is being fulfilled every time someone is strengthened or challenged by it.

I am grateful for friends like Pastor Roy who share Brokenness to Beauty with their friends. He is still building up others as he is prompted by his pastor’s heart, even in sharing a book with a friend. I hope you too will read  Brokenness to Beauty, be encouraged by it and share it with your friends!

Brokenness to Beauty may be purchased online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, WestBow Press Bookstore, and other outlets. Check it out!



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